About Me

Hmmm – about me… Well… not sure where to begin but begin we, well I really, must. My apparent hesitation could be construed to from a bit of shyness – that may be a little bit true – but if I was reticent to share something about myself publicly then I wouldn’t even be here tapping on keys trying to determine what to say. I think it is more of an issue of where to start and what to address. I’m a bit complicated and contradictory – at least I see myself that way…

So with that bit of rambling done with here’s some info.

  • I am a heart attack surviver – experienced this life changing and frankly exceedingly scary event back in the winter of ’03.  We were on holiday vacation with friends in beautiful Lake Tahoe, CA and one day while out shoveling the heavy snow from the driveway and sidewalks it hit me.  Never been the same since – I’m actually better!  Even got a bit of coiled metal implanted in cardiac artery to support that (can you say stent!)
  • I am a husband and father – I’v been married to the same wonderful gal Stacey since the fall of ’85 and we’ve got two wonderful and challenging (all in a good way of course) girls.
  • I am an engineer – After you take away any of the high tech trappings of engineering – it basically boils down to one very simple thing – problem solving.  We see, or are tasked with, using any method we have at our disposal to figure out how to make, fix or create something.  My career experiences cover a wide spectrum.  I’ve been a systems and new business engineer for various aerospace companies.  I’ve been a project management and product development engineer in the toy and promotion product fields, as well as a designer and developer in consumer products. Now I’m taking my problem solving and communication skills into another direction: working with small businesses in brand building and communication predominantly in, or employing tactics in the sphere of social media.
  • I am an artist – I’ve messed around in a variety of mediums; from sketching and painting, to fractal art, photography and sculpture.  There is a drive to create stuff, fresh stuff, with my own two hand and from my own… mind I guess.  It is a drive that at times becomes subordinate to other things but it’s there and is constantly pressing to get expressed.
  • I’m a cyclist – these days this is probably one of my most visible & defining characteristics. Cycling is the key element/activity on my one going effort to achieve physical and mental fitness. Cycling is my therapy – it is what helps shape my body, firm my heart and clarify my mind.
  • I am a cycling advocate – after having benefited so much from cycling myself I took a look around in our local community and tried to get a grip on why there are a lot more folks out there taking advantage of two wheeled travel for all it can provide. The answer became pretty simple: the ease and freedom of hopping on bike and tooling casually around (the feeling that many of us baby boomers remember oh so well from when we were kids) just is much harder – or at least perceived to be much harder – to do these days. This is especially the case in and around the sprawling metroburbia that is the larger Los Angeles region (“metroburbia” you say – yeah I made that up).  So – it was time to get involved and see what could be done. Luckily a group had recently formed in the South Bay to do just that – the South Bay Bicycle Coalition.

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